2022 Biz Market Expo: Entrepreneurs' Platform

We hosted the 2022 Biz Market Expo at Mzuzu Shoprite on Friday 27th May 2022 where entrepreneurs from the Northern Region brought in their products and services for showcasing. This is an important milestone for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Malawi which managed to showcase and demonstrate the talent, dedication, and passion of young people for sustainable economic independence and job creation

Oliver Kumbambe, Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Youth and Sports addresses entrepreneurs after pavilion inspection

Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Oliver Kumbambe, was the Guest of Honour at the event and commended Mzuzu E-Hub for bringing together entrepreneurs and according to them a meaningful platform to network and showcase products that fall under various sectors of the economy.

"What Mzuzu E-Hub has done today is a true reflection of being a partner of government. We appreciate institutions and organizations that are doing commendably in complementing the government's efforts in ensuring that young people are economically independent and are contributing to the growing labour force in the country.

"The Ministry is impressed with the crop of entrepreneurs who are here today. We have seen entrepreneurs manufacturing their products with locally available resources. We have seen others making chocolate, and washing soap while others are processing raw honey with value-added components. As a government, we will continue to make available funds to support such entrepreneurs and make certain that intended beneficiaries for these funds are reached," Kumbambe explained after inspecting more than 30 pavilions.

Austin Moyo, Programs Manager for Mzuzu E-Hub

Program Manager for Mzuzu E-Hub, Austin Moyo, mentioned that the private sector will continue to play an important role in a bid to boost the economic growth to boost economic growth, reduce poverty and support decent job creation in improving the worth of our nation as per the Malawi Agenda 2063 commissioned by the National Planning Commission (NPC).

"Malawi's Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise sector faces a lot of challenges that hinder its growth and development in the areas of access to finance, access to markets, infrastructure, policy and regulatory environment, bureaucracy, capacity in doing business and meeting quality standards, among others. Access to finance is the biggest challenge faced by business owners when starting up a business. However, access to finance can be improved when entrepreneurs are formalised, have adequate information on funding and financing opportunities and are capacitated towards running meaningful enterprises," Moyo said.

Specklah Newa, owner of Specks Holdings Company

One of the exhibitors, Specklah Newa who runs a Speck Holdings Company, said the business expo has been a great networking event and has built new relationships with customers and fellow exhibitors. She says her customer base will increase and she will be able to work closely with other entrepreneurs who showcased their products.

"Our company produces various fruits and vegetables organically through the use of greenhouses. Today, I had the opportunity of talking to people about the benefits of organic farming and food for their health. It's amazing to see how people are willing to support us as SMEs in the country. This has been one of the greatest exposures our company has had this year and we look forward to more events of such nature. Thank you Mzuzu E-Hub for according us such a meaningful platform," explained Newa.

Some of the entrepreneurs showcase their products during the expo

The Expo brought together over 40 entrepreneurs from the Northern Region of Malawi who are creating a meaningful contribution to the development of the country. The exhibitors were drawn from various sectors including Agri-processing, education, Fashion and design, Information and Communication Technology, Fin-Tech and Construction.