Empowering Young People in Rumphi: Highlighting Our Partnership with Life Concern Organisation

Our journey with Life Concern (LICO), an organisation in the District of Rumphi, Northern Malawi, has been of great impact and inspiration. LICO works around preventing Mother-to-Child HIV transmission (PMTCT) through educating masses, promote healthy living habits and responsible medicine use, combating deforestation by creating and advocating for eco- friendly practices such as producing eco-friendly briquettes and also empowering young people in Rumphi with necessary tools they need to succeed, which aligns with our mission.

Mzuzu E-Hub’s programs are centered around young people and LICO is a befitting partner and has helped us achieve our vision of seeing young people at the center of private enterprise driving social and economic development in Malawi.

We partnered with LICO to facilitate the transfer of digital skills training, create awareness on the uptake of digital skills, internet safety and cyber bullying. We're thrilled to showcase our incredible partnership with LICO, an organisation making significant impact across various crucial areas targeting youths and women.

Collaboration between Mzuzu E-Hub and LICO

Kenneth Mkandawire is the project manager of LICO and he remarked that the partnership between the two organisations complement each other.

“We have a mutual partnership with Mzuzu E-Hub through all projects. Every time we work together we complement each other. Transparent and accountable on resource utilisation and the communication is good.” Kenneth shared.

Together, we've launched impactful programs like mass ICT awareness campaigns and digital skills trainings. These trainings equip young people with in-demand skills like End-User Computing, Graphic Design and Digital Marketing. Since our partnership's inception, these training programs have empowered over 700 individuals with messages, practical skills and a safe space for learning and advancement!

Impacts in the communities

One success story is McCarthy Msowoya, who graduated from LICO's digital skills training in 2023. After volunteering at Rumphi FM, McCarthy leveraged his skills to secure employment as a Graphic Designer and Radio Presenter at the station.

"I really enjoyed the program," McCarthy shared. "Before enrolling as one of the students, I did not have direct graphic design experience. I did not know I could create artworks, banners, and posters but all this changed with my participation in the digital skills training where I was trained in graphic designing. It was a good program!"

LICO is also our implementing partner on the GIZ-funded Kukolola Project. This project tackles challenges faced by emerging Agri-preneurs in the district by facilitating access to financing services, providing relevant information and essential business support services. Kukolola currently has 50 participants going through the program.

Moving forward

Our partnership with LICO exemplifies the power of collaboration in driving positive change. We are happy to have an impactful partner like this and we look forward to continue working together to empower young people and build a brighter future!

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