Entrepreneurship Education & Outreach (EEO)

The EEO collaborates secondary and tertiary schools creating awareness on entrepreneurship to students through inspirational talks. Mzuzu E-hub works with existing Village savings and loans Associations and Youth clubs and youth organizations building their capacity in Financial literacy and life skills. Currently we have groups in Mzimba and Nkhatabay district. The EEO supports infrastructure development projects for education and health facilities through collaboration with communities to enhance access to quality health and education as highlighted below:

We recently completed construction of a library and resource center at TX Chipunga community secondary school with funding from World Connect. The Mzuzu Entrepreneur Hub constructed a library and resource center that will benefit students, teachers, youth, and other community members around Chipunga, Malawi. The facilities will provide access to information through academic materials, Sexual Productive Health rights (SRHR) materials, and entrepreneurship and technology resources.

This will support students in their academic pursuits and holistic development. For the community, access to information on SRHR and business management will help the members make informed decisions on issues that can potentially sustain and improve their livelihood. The project will benefit 110 students enrolled at the school and over 2,000 people from the surrounding community. To read more visit: https://www.worldconnect-us.org/projects/chipunga-tx-library-and-resource-center

To support in reduction of walking distance for children and youth in Chipunga in accessing education facilities, we constructed a community secondary school with support from the TX Foundation. The school hosts facilities including two classroom blocks, two staff house and a staff room. To date up to 110 students are enrolled in Form one and two classes respectively. To learn more visit: https://malawi24.com/2018/01/25/multimillion-secondary-school-built-nkhatabay/

To enhance access to quality health services and access to a health facility, we constructed a community health center with support from the TX Foundation. The health center will provide under five clinic, OPD services and maternal health care. To view the facilities, visit: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DWzeb7Esh_sJD2hMRQ3GeL4OULuITw_i?usp=sharing