Voice Out Project courts media on advocacy for youth involvement

The media is one key component in addressing inequalities that exist between involvement of young people and holding accountable their duty bearers.

Speaking during an orientation workshop under the Voice Out project, Programs Manager for Mzuzu E Hub, Austin Moyo, urged the media to advocate for youth voices in the decision making process, policy and program development by orienting young people on how their voices can be heard during consultations.

"Often times, young people are used in roles that help advance agendas of older people in society. Once they help them fulfill their agenda, young people are left out of the implementation process. We want young people to use the media in speaking out and claiming their rightful spots in developmental issues. We believe the media is a strong tool that can help us achieve this goal," Moyo explained.

Austin Moyo, Programs Manager for Mzuzu E Hub speaking during the training workshop

One of the participants, Alephar Kasongo from the Malawi Broadcasting Station said young people shy away in talking to the media on issues that affect them but they will encourage them to open up and use their voices to speak out.

"You will find out that young people still believe in letting adults make decisions for them because they are not fully empowered or involved. We will continue opening up the media platform and also advocate for their inclusion in developmental processes by giving them a platform to hold accountable their duty bearers," she explained.

Alephar Kasongo makes her contributing during the workshop

Project Officer for Mzuzu E Hub under the Voice Out Project, Kate Kumwenda said they organized this orientation workshop on the role of media in youth participation to share insights and also gather opinions on how best young people can be reached with advocacy education, inclusion in decision making on matters that affect them and taking lead in the implementation of policies and strategies through youth involvement.

Kate Kumwenda takes the participant through a presentation

The training workshop drew participants from Mzimba Community Radio Station, Zodiak Broadcasting Station, Malawi Broadcasting Corporation, Voice of Livingstonia, Radio Tigabane, Rumphi FM and Tuntufye Community Radio Station.

The Voice out project seeks to Strengthen children and youth participation in community structures to fully benefit from the social services and contribute fully to community development. This will involve breaking barriers to youth and children participation in community structures which range from cultural values, and lack of information or exposure due to lack or closed communities for youth and youths.