Kukolola Project Entry Meeting in Rumphi District

On 25th January 2024, Mzuzu E-Hub commenced the implementation of the Kukolola Project funded by GIZ through Agricultural and Finance Consultant (AFC) GmbH by conducting an orientation meeting with the District Executive Committee (DEC) in Rumphi District.

Build up to the DEC meeting, Mzuzu E-Hub staff presented the project before the District Technical Working Committee in Rumphi for project scrutiny based on the approach and design to gather insights on the potential risks and opportunities which if properly managed could reinforce the project success. Following the meeting with members of the District Technical Working Committee, they found the project fit and approved for implementation, however subject to further approval from DEC.

Afterwards, Mzuzu E-Hub made a project presentation before the members of the DEC to inform stakeholders about the project and seek approval to implement the project in the District. Through the presentation made, Mzuzu E-Hub staff highlighted the project overview which included project objectives, target beneficiaries, implementation strategy, and engaged partners in project implementation. The leading picture of this article depicts Tommy Banks, the Business Development Manager at Mzuzu E-Hub, making the presentation. Following the presentation, members of the DEC were excited about the project, and later approved and pledged to render support wherever there is a need in the course of project implementation.

Throughout the entry meeting, Mzuzu E-Hub staff were accompanied by staff members from the engaged project partner, Life Concern Organisation, and project lead staff members of Agricultural and Finance Consultant (AFC) GmbH from GIZ.

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