Mzuzu E-Hub Ignites Innovation at the 2023 Biz Market Expo

Mzuzu E-Hub successfully conducted the 2nd Biz Market Expo where 44 exhibitors from diverse sectors including health, agriculture, manufacturing, financial services, energy and utilities, information and communication technology, construction and infrastructure, fashion and designing, education and training showcased their entrepreneurial prowess with their products and services displayed for an impressive patronage that attended the Expo, providing an opportunity for a showcase of innovation, networking and economic dynamism.

Vinthu Enterprise showcasing their products during the event

Guest of Honour to the Biz Market Expo, Speaker of the Malawi National Assembly Honourable Catherine Gotani Hara inspected the business pavilions that were erected on this day, interacted with each business owner present by understanding the businesses that were exhibiting on this day.

In her remarks, Gotani Hara expressed satisfaction with the businesses and encouraged everyone present to forge ahead on their entrepreneurial journey and also commended Mzuzu E-Hub for providing such a platform for entrepreneurs in the Northern Region.

"Due to the current economic situation, it is not easy for young entrepreneurs and businesses to thrive; therefore, it is important for you (entrepreneurs) to use digital technology including social media and platforms like Biz Market Expo, to effectively market their products and establish valuable networks that are vital for sustaining their businesses," said Hara.

The Guest of Honour, Honourable Mrs Catherine Gotani Hara making her remarks during the event

Business Development Officer for Mzuzu E-Hub, Jonathan Nandolo expressed delight to the event's patronage and the kind of products and services that entrepreneurs and other corporate companies showcased emphasizing on the collaboration aspect.

"The event wasn't just a platform for showcasing products; it was a networking extravaganza. Entrepreneurs, investors, consumers and potential partners mingled, creating an atmosphere ripe for collaboration and investment opportunities. The Expo not only celebrated current successes but laid the foundation for future partnerships that could shape the entrepreneurial landscape in Mzuzu City, the Northern Region and beyond," echoed Nandolo.

This year's exhibition rate improved from the last year where entrepreneurs seized an opportunity to spotlight their ventures. From tech startups to eco-conscious enterprises, the diverse array of participants underscored the diverse business landscape in Mzuzu and the surrounding areas.

Some of the businesses that brought vibrancy to the event included Mzuzu Coffee, Chimaka, Kawelo Farms and National Bank of Malawi. Kawelo Farms and Chimaka had some promotional activities for their businesses where they gave out prizes. Kawelo gave out T-shirt, caps and a book authored by Daniel Hunga, while Chimaka gave out key holder and cap.

Kawelo Farms pavilion showcasing their products during the event

The event also featured prizes which were awarded to three best exhibitors amounting to total of MWK 600,000. The selection of the best exhibitors which was done by a team of five judges was based on the clarity of the business model, impact of the business on the community, innovativeness of the business and the quality of the products or service focusing on branding and packaging. Agricentre (3rd place; MWK 100,000), R & E Fashion and Designing (2nd place; MWK 200,000), and Green for Africa (1st place; MWK 300,000) emerged as winners.

Wangiwe Joana Kambuzi, Managing Director for Mzuzu E-Hub (right), and members of Green for Africa during the prize presentation

The Hub introduced the Biz Market Expo to provide a platform for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to create a chain of consumers, foster collaboration, showcase cutting-edge products and fuel the spirit of entrepreneurship. The Expo served as a hub of entrepreneurship, capturing the organisation's commitment to fostering economic growth, technological advancement and improved collaboration.

The success of the Biz Market Expo underscores Mzuzu E-Hub's ongoing commitment to fostering economic empowerment and innovation within the local business community. By providing a platform for entrepreneurs to thrive, Mzuzu E-Hub continues to play a pivotal role in steering Mzuzu towards a future marked by prosperity and technological advancement.

What's next? Quoting the Managing Director for Mzuzu E-Hub, Wangiwe Joana Kambuzi, "It's a wrap for today! We will be back again next year with an even bigger and better event but for today, we are proud of the turnout of events.” Stay tuned as Mzuzu E-Hub continues to catalyse change, drive innovation and elevate the entrepreneurial spirit to unprecedented heights!

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