"Unlocking Potential Together: Empowering Change through Resource Mobilization!" Meet our Resource Mobilization Manager: Vincent Mbisa

In our drive to sustain ourselves as an organization, we opened a new role for Resource Mobilization Manager. Recently, the organization recruited a suitable candidate for the role. We sit down with Vincent Mbisa to understand his role, passion and expertise in this role:

Mzuzu E-Hub: What is your background in the Resource Mobilization Journey?

Mbisa: My journey in the field of resource mobilization began about six years ago when I recognized the immense potential of harnessing resources through business development and management. I thus began as a Sales and Marketing Team Leader at DC Brand Cloud from July 2019 to July 2020. In this role, I demonstrated my leadership abilities by analyzing budgets, preparing annual budget plans, and overseeing the sales team's performance to meet quota and goals. I also conducted market research and developed strategic marketing opportunities and plans.

Following to my role at DC Brand Cloud, I held the position of Business Development Executive at Hallmark Creations. During my time there, I spearheaded marketing and business development activities, generating leads and securing sales. Additionally, I played a key role in bid preparation, writing, and pricing to ensure successful business outcomes.

Prior to my current position, I worked as a Business Development Manager at the United States Cannabis Association. During my tenure, I collaborated with directors, marketing professionals, and media executives to develop proposals and achieve business targets. Additionally, I ensured the smooth execution of project work plans related to trainings, greenhouses, and crop inspection visits.

Mzuzu E-Hub: How do you find Mzuzu E-Hub since joining the team in May 2023?

Mbisa: I find Mzuzu E-Hub to have a robust and impressive project profile which involves a 5 + years working with major ecosystem player: World Bank, Impact Amplifier, World University Services, Save the Children, TEVET, AfriLabs, with Mhub, Synergy, Status Hub, NXT Gen and MakeIT in Africa.

With a deep commitment to excellence and a multidisciplinary approach, I find Mzuzu E-Hub team striving to push the boundaries of research and create impactful solutions that address societal challenges. This is because the team comprises of accomplished professionals who excel in project management and business development as well as actively foster collaborations and partnerships with implementing partners.

Mbisa (in Red Golf-shirt) shares his expertise during a recent exercise with women in agriculture

Mzuzu E-Hub: What are you bringing to the team which will spur its growth?

Mbisa: I recognized that I have the immense potential of harnessing resources to bring about positive change in the organization. Throughout my professional experience, I have developed a deep understanding of the details involved in securing funding, forging strategic partnerships, and creating innovative fundraising campaigns. By implementing comprehensive resource mobilization strategies, I hope to successfully generated sustainable funding streams to support various initiatives and programs aimed at empowering individuals and communities.

I have improved my skills in relationship building, stakeholder engagement, and persuasive communication, enabling me to effectively convey the vision and mission of organizations to potential donors, partners, and supporters. I thrive in dynamic environments that require adaptability, creativity, and a results-oriented approach. Leveraging my strong analytical skills, I am able to identify new funding opportunities, develop compelling proposals, and manage donor relationships to ensure long-term financial stability for the organizations I work with.

In addition to my professional expertise, I am currently pursing an Executive MBA from Quantic School of Business and technology, where I am consistently gaining a solid foundation in business development and resource mobilization.

Mzuzu E-Hub: How do you align your experience to the drive of the organisation which touches on innovation, entrepreneurship and technology?

Mbisa: My educational background combined with my practical experience equips me with a well-rounded understanding of resource mobilization and its role in driving impactful social change. With a strong background in business development, sales, and marketing, I bring a wealth of experience and a results-driven mindset to Mzuzu E-Hub. I thrive in dynamic environments and excel at building and maintaining relationships with clients.

At Mzuzu E Hub, my role centers around identifying, cultivating, and securing resources to fuel our vision for growth and impact. I am committed to building strong relationships with individuals, corporations, foundations, and government entities that align with our mission and values. By harnessing their support, we can create an ecosystem that fosters entrepreneurship, innovation, and inclusive development.

In addition to my expertise, I bring a diverse skill set that includes project management, grant writing, and program evaluation. I am continuously seeking opportunities to expand my knowledge and stay up-to-date with emerging trends and best practices in the field of resource mobilization.

Mzuzu E-Hub: What are your strategies or components in achieving some of the set goals for resource mobilisation?

Mbisa: My approach to resource mobilization is rooted in collaboration, transparency, and accountability. I believe in the power of effective communication and relationship-building to foster trust and mutual understanding. By understanding the needs and aspirations of our partners, we can create tailored opportunities for them to engage with Mzuzu E Hub and contribute meaningfully to our shared objectives.

This will be vital in implementing the following strategies:

  • Fundraising Proposal development and strategy: Work closely with project staff before a proposal is developed to strategize around potential projects.
  • Business Development income generation: E-hub Business Consultancy – Around business development and support services
  • Networking Strategy: Ensure the continued development of relationships with stakeholders and potential and existing partners and existing community networks, educational institutions and government.
  • Fundraising Strategies: Host fundraising events such as Golf tourney and a Soccer match.
  • Donor reporting and relations: Ensure regular communication with donors, including the distribution of E-Hub's newsletter and other relevant materials.

Mzuzu E-Hub: Any other words or updates you would want to share with us?

Mbisa: My last words will come from the following wisdom saying, "It takes a village to raise a child". Hence Mzuzu E-Hub resource mobilization efforts moto would be: "Unlocking Potential Together: Empowering Change through Resource Mobilization!";