Mzuzu E-Hub welcomes new Business Development Manager: Tommy Banks

Tommy Banks is a young growing project management and business development specialist with over 3 years' profession work experience, focusing on women and youths. Mr. Banks' experience is cross-cutting across numerous value chains, and where several been agro- based SMSEs, engaged in capacity development through training, coaching, and mentorship as well as by offering technical assistance in market linkages and financial management. He holds Bachelor of Science in Development Economics and Master Degree in Agricultural and Applied Economics (pending), both from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Before joining Mzuzu Entrepreneur Hub (Mzuzu E-hub), he worked with Market Link and Support where he supported youths and women cooperatives and led in various capacity building initiatives as Business Management, Book keeping, Market strategy development and market scoping for both Market Link and Support - MaLS and Farmer Cooperatives.

Since joining Mzuzu E-hub as Business development Manager in April 2023, Mr banks has been central in execution and management of the Bizcubation and Women in Biz programs currently running, both with a total of 49 young entrepreneurs undergoing various business capacity building. He has further spent much of his time understanding the organisation capacity, efforts and identifying gaps in provision of the business support to the entrepreneurs bearing in mind three core values of the organisation i.e., Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Technology. There is closer connection between organisation’s core values and business development concept, both play significant roles in the growth and success for both entrepreneurs and organisation.

Banks (R) working with colleagues on business development activities.

Business Development focuses on identifying new opportunities, building strategic partnerships, and expanding the market reach of a business. Similarly, entrepreneurship involves creating and managing new ventures, taking risks, and pursuing innovative business ideas. Besides the highlighted similarities, both business development and entrepreneurship leverage on technology to identify, create, and expand business opportunities, streamline processes, and enhance customer experiences in pursuit of business growth and success.

Therefore, as a business Development Manager who represents an organisation as the prime interface of entrepreneurs plans to implement a number of initiatives to support organisation and beneficiaries’ enterprises achieve their strategic objectives and goals. Such activities include reinforcement of the partnership development with stakeholders, ecosystem mapping, organising networking events and workshops, sharing investment and funding opportunities, business support services and mentorship and coaching which will to accelerate growth and success of youth led innovative enterprises.