Welcoming Our New Interns to Mzuzu Entrepreneur Hub!

We are thrilled to introduce our five talented interns who have joined Mzuzu Entrepreneur Hub (Mzuzu E-Hub) in January 2024. These enthusiastic individuals will play a crucial role in supporting Mzuzu E-Hub's needs for IT, Monitoring & Evaluation, and Gender Equality and contributing to our community programs. Let's get to know them:

Modester Phiri

Modester is a fourth-year student in Business Information Technology at Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) and is particularly passionate about the synergy between business and IT, finding the ever-changing world of technology and its impact on business truly fascinating.

“The internship will provide me with hands-on experience, allowing me to apply my academic knowledge in real-world scenarios. It will also offer me the opportunity to enhance my technical skills, understand the technical aspects of integrating technology in business, and develop a deeper insight into the synergy between IT and business operations. Ultimately, this experience will significantly contribute to my professional growth in my field.” This is what she said when we asked what she aims to achieve during the internship.

Modester's hobbies are researching, reading, learning, traveling, drawing.

Hanifa Maulidi

Hanifa is also a fourth year at MUST, pursuing a bachelor's degree in computer systems and security.

Hanifa's aim is to gain practical experience and develop valuable skills that contribute to projects at Mzuzu E-hub especially the Digital Skills for All Training Program during her internship duration.

She commented on Mzuzu E-Hub's vision of seeing young people at the centre of entrepreneurship in Malawi, saying that “Its fostering a healthy entrepreneurial environment that reflect positive goals aligned with community development in Malawi. The hub's emphasis on capacity building and networking events seems well-directed for positive impact.”

Hanifa's single hobby is cooking.

Adrian Nkhata

Adrian is also a MUST student in his final year studying for a Bachelor of Science in Business Information System. Adrian will be graduating in August this year and some of the skills he wants to master by then include but are not limited to “Enhanced Technical Skills, Business Processes, Communication and Collaboration Skills, Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking.”

Commenting on Mzuzu E-Hub's vision and mission, Adrian considers Mzuzu E-hub as a catalyst for positive change. “The organisation's mission is impactful and socially conscious. By focusing on community-driven solutions and economic development, Mzuzu E-Hub is positioning itself as a catalyst for positive change in the region.”

The ultimate hobby for Adrian is playing chess.

Chance Zimba

Chance is our fourth intern from MUST and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems and Security, and is equipped with a strong foundation in computer science, focusing on the integration of the organisation's systems and the critical aspect of cybersecurity.

Chance's internship goals are to enhance practical skills in business development, technology integration and cybersecurity.

He views this opportunity as a chance to position himself as a well-rounded profession ready to take on his industry challenges.

“This experience will be more than a learning opportunity, it's a chance to prepare for future challenges and opportunities in my academic and professional journey.”

Chance spends his spare time on outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and gardening, which connect him with nature. His other hobbies are photography and coding.

Meria Maganga

Meria is a recent graduate holding a Bachelors Degree in Social Science (Gender Studies) from the University of Malawi (Chancellor College). She aims to gain hands-on experience in applying theoretical knowledge to real-world situations, developing a deeper understanding of gender-related issues within the workplace, and also contribute to initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion at Mzuzu E-Hub.

Meria is excited to work with the team because she wants to contribute to the organisation's focus of fostering a supportive environment for startups and early-stage companies.

“I commend the organisation's commitment that focuses on job creation, building entrepreneurial ecosystems, and contributing to economic diversification in our community which I feel reflects a comprehensive vision for positive economic impact in Malawi.”

Meria's hobbies are traveling, reading, listening to music, watching movies and documentaries.

All the interns will work closely with the Mzuzu E-Hub team for a period of four months.

Let's Give Them a Warm Welcome! 🎉

Our interns bring fresh perspectives, energy, and a passion for learning. As they embark on this exciting journey, let's support and mentor them. Together, we'll continue to make a positive impact in our community!

P.S. If you see them around the office, say hello and share your favorite tech/business tip! 👋🖥️.